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Produced, directed short documentary series “Deport Hate” - This is intro installment.


Production and direction for a promo spot featuring Esai Morales for Deport Hate documentary series.

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Production & direction. Guillermo Gomez-Sanchez is a 50 year old legal resident with a mental disability. In 2004 Gomez was detained because of a dispute at a grocery store over a bag of tomatoes. Guillermo spent 2 years at a private CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) detention facility - the corporation neglected to report his medical condition. 

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Concept, production & direction. Roberto Martinez-Medina died in CCA’s Stewart Detention Center in Georgia in 2009. Medina had been arrested a month earlier for not having a driver’s license. CCA whistleblower Bryan Holcomb spoke with us exclusively to expose how the company repeatedly ignored Medina’s pleas for care of his heart ailment while he was imprisoned. Their negligence contributed to Medina’s death. 

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Concept, production and direction. Pedro Guzman spent 19 months at CCA’s Stewart private detention because he missed an immigration order. Authorities showed no mercy after Guzman explained the court order was sent to an old address. Guzman’s wife Emily and only son Logan endured a painful and debilitating struggle to survive while they fought for Pedro’s release.

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Writing, production and direction. Animated trailer for the political and social documentary series “Immigrants For Sale.”